Support retailers of American craft…. before it’s too late

Robin Davis is on a mission to increase the nation’s appreciation for retailers of American craft.

Davis says that she is simply paying it forward. She and her husband, John Davis, own J. Davis Studio, a small production ceramic studio located in far west Texas. Robin says she and John feel indebted to the galleries, shops, and catalog companies who bought their line of innerSpirit Rattles in volume, because had they not, she and her artist husband would have had to find “real” jobs to support their family of four.

Those retailers also helped create jobs for their employees in their small and remote rural town of Alpine where jobs are few and literally far between.

Davis points out that most artists don’t produce their work in volume for several reasons, with the number one being they just don’t want to. Artists are usually passionate about standing out from a crowd and enjoy creating one of a kind artwork. In the beginning, art shows are fun. Artists would rather trek around to retail art shows, setting up and taking down their artwork and display equipment rather than to give in and compromise their unique talent.

But then life sets in. They get married, buy a house, have children, and then they make the biggest compromise they thought they’d never make…. they buy a mini-van.

American craft galleries provide jobs.