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innerSpirit Rattles are the Perfect Father's Day Gift

innerSpirit Rattles Father's Day Gift

Be Dad's hero this year.

Give him an innerSpirit Rattle for his desk or bedside table. He loves music, and history, not to mention sparkly metallic objects. There's a reason why rattles have been around since the beginning of time. Whether it's soft or turbulent, uplifting or somber - rhythmic sound stirs the soul. Dad can shake his rattle to the rhythm of his favorite music, or to the beat of his own drum.

innerSpirit Rattles are made by hand in a land far, far away.... in far west Texas where there is arguably a unique energy springing from the uncluttered and far flung part of the world. The desolate mountainous landscape has a curious way of reinforcing faith, dredging up an unknown inner strength, and sparking a deep appreciation for even the smallest things in life.

This feeling is a gift that may be (just maybe) captured inside the hard clay shell of each handmade innerSpirit Rattle. Perhaps it’s an aura that seeps in, or a sticky essence picked up while being made one-by-one in a land once roamed by Native Americans, Mexican revolutionaries, and African American Buffalo soldiers.

If none of the above can convince you of the energy of the far west Texas area, consider the mysterious orbs of light that skip and dance along the plains of Alpine’s neighbor, Marfa, Texas. For over a hundred years, try as they might, scientists still can’t explain them. 

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