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“Your work is magical.” Linda ~ Anthill Gallery & Vintage Curiosities

In the early 1970s, minimalist artist, Donald Judd, transplanted himself out of the busyness of New York City into the “clean” desolate surroundings of the Chihuahuan Desert, specifically Marfa, Texas.

John T. DavisJohn T. Davis is a second generation native of Alpine, Texas, Marfa’s neighbor. Vast and rugged, Far West Texas is as beautiful and peaceful as it is remote and wild.

Says John, “Building a sustainable craft business in the middle of nowhere hasn’t been easy. But it has been worth every obstacle.”

Inspired by the desert’s rugged terrain, subtle colors, and remarkable beauty, John’s work reflects the incredible hues of the mountain sunsets, the diverse vegetation, and the variability of this untamed region.

The award winning ceramic artist’s virtuosity ranges from the elegant to the playful as he expresses himself through the medium of clay and color, while his “artisan concretization” keeps him in touch with reality as he harmonizes color, line, texture, and shading.
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