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innerSpirit Rattles in Yoga Magazine


innerSpirit Rattles in Yoga Magazine Mounting scientific evidence shows that focusing on the present moment, not worrying about the past or the future, helps bring calm. The practice of mindfulness is not so much about being happy, but being at peace with what you can and cannot change, and being grateful for the positive. 

innerSpirit Rattles help trigger a feeling of gratitude. Holding one in the palm of your hand, you will feel an instant emotional connection to its beauty, texture, and small size, but it is the music you’ll make with it that may nurture your strongest connection. Keep one nearby- on a desk, a bookshelf, a bedside table- to remind you to give thanks often. 

John Davis and his wife, Robin, realized he had created something special with his very first palm-sized ceramic rattle. People were drawn to them, but had a problem describing why. 

Robin says she remembers their first show after 9/11. The large vases John was known for, were not selling, but people kept coming over to hold and shake the rattles. As there was so much free time, they were a conversation piece.

“But… what are they for?” everyone was asking. She told them to use them as a worry stone. That led Robin to write a story card which reads “Use them to rattle your worries away, or just keep your papers from blowing astray.” 

The rattles have been J. Davis Studio’s best seller ever since. John and Robin have heard so many stories from rattle owners that they now have a message board of their website for people to share. 

Robin says she heard her very favorite recently: A friend had given a rattle to her boss, a testing counselor at the local college, who sadly passed away last month. One of the students stood up at the memorial to talk about how much he appreciated the counselor’s ability to calm students before they took tests, which included picking up the rattle she kept on her desk and walking around her office shaking it….to rattle his worries away. 

Robin says it’s stories like that that make her and John’s world go round. 

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